LS Arts is a leader in glassware quality and design. All of our products are handcrafted and elegantly packaged. We have partnered with companies, big and small, across the United States and globally to offer wholesale services on a number of products.

Wine and Housewares Items

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LS Arts offers a wide assortment of wine bottle stoppers, swizzle sticks, cocktail forks, wine charms and many more handcrafted houseware items. Being a leader in glassware design and packaging, we strive for beauty and elegance in all of our items.



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We have a beautiful selection of ornamental glass Christmas trees, as well as wine charms, bottle stoppers and other beautiful glassware holiday items. Items are packaged elegantly.


Gifts and Accessories

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LS Arts designs and distributes some of the most notable trend-setting gift designs. We specialize in compact mirrors, stationary accessories and many other beautiful glassware designs.